ice cream gone wrong

once upon a time, we went to a place called Smolak Farms. Wade wanted ice cream. It was a sweltering hot day. It was fitting that we should get ice cream. They piled it high. 3 scoops high. Too bad the cone was very small. Too small for 3 scoops of ice cream. Too bad it was very hot. Too hot for ice cream to stay solid. It melted quickly, and so did Wade's temper. He was very unhappy about his messy predicament. And I just laughed at him, the whole time he ate it. Because I got my ice cream in a cup.


susette said...

Poor Wade :( Actually I'm like you Kali and am giggling. Wade looks almost like he may erupt with laughter any moment too.

LyndiLou said...

Eat faster Wade... eat faster!!! :) I love ice cream, but that DOES look like a mess! At least he was a good enough sport to let you take a picture! ;)