day two

I haven't even started and Kali is already trying to censor me. This is Wade, by the way. There was much about today I wish to speak of. First being, my lovely wife's inability to wake up. She has this amazing ability to make me think she's awake and when I turn my back, she's right back to sleep. We started out today at Walmart. (Sigh) I'm not really a fan of this place, but this is not a political blog.
Much to our dismay, out long time friend George was found missing some... limbs after yesterday's travels. May he have a speedy recovery.
It's clear from our cereal choices who the adult in the relationship is.Nebraska lingered on for six hours, six long flat, corn filled hours. And then came Iowa, and it's giant windmills and the happiest place on earth, Adair, IA.
We found ourselves in a delightful little restaurant called, Happy Chef. (It looked a lot like
Village Inn). To make a long story short, Kali, once again ended up not feeling so 'happy' after eating out. We asked out server, Matt, to take our picture and he looked at us like we asked him to commit some sort of heresy. So we moved on from that place.
An hour and a half later we flew past Des Moines, and 10,000 hours later finally arrived at Burlington, IA. To compare last night's Motel 6 to tonight's Holiday Express, the extra 25 dollars went a long, long, long way in comfort and niceness and cleanliness, and comfort and room, and cleanliness. So good night world, until tomorrow...

hi. kali here with the IMPORTANT information. and the only thing that needed censoring here was the hideous picture of me sleeping with my mouth wide open. good visual eh? who needs a picture?

departure: Sidney, Nebraska 10:30 a.m.
times we had to repack the truck: 2
items lost during the bumps: 2 (our love fern and the leg of a mirror)
cornfields: 6,082
weirdest town name: Nishnabotna
cheapest gas price: 3.53
bathroom stops:
*coznad, NE
*minden, NE
*council bluffs, IA
*adair, IA
dead racoons: 3
llamas: 16
times a large, unidentifiable object flew into the windshield: 5
times wade flung one of those objects at kali: 1
arrival: Burlington, Iowa 12:30 a.m.
Total miles traveled: 702

Also, you should know that a nice man on a gospel radio station forgave us of all our sins today. Really folks, it's that easy.


Scott and Kristy said...

Thank you for doing your blog, it's fun to see your adventures. You'll look back at this one day and say that was so "fun". we love you.

Jill said...

You two are funny. So positive after too long in the car.

susette said...

Hallelujah! I am a new woman with all my sins forgiven!! Thanks for helping me realize how easy it is.

Skiing Brooke said...

YOU GUYS STAYED IN BURLINGTON!!!!!! You were 20 minutes from my family and the town I grew up in! I'm jealous. It's fun reading of all your adventures. It sounds like you're having a blast.