day six

Today we left Pennsylvania with no major mishaps. I only slept an hour longer today than I was supposed to (I have such a patient husband), so we got a good start. We headed up to Buffalo, New York to see Niagara Falls. It was pouring rain all day, so it was kind of a soggy experience.

The falls were beautiful. I quite enjoyed it, despite my bad puddle dodging abilities.

After that, we went to Palmyra, New York and saw the Hill Cumorah, the Palmyra temple, and the sacred grove. It's so amazing to finally be seeing all these places that I've wanted to see my whole life. There is such a special spirit at the church sites, especially in the sacred grove. It is such a peaceful and calm place. I tried to imagine what it would have been like to have been there when Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared. I'm so grateful to have a husband like Wade, who could recite to me Joseph Smith's experience from memory. It was a really good experience for us to share together.

We drove to Syracuse, NY and went out to dinner to "celebrate" our two month anniversary today. We had mashed potatoes! Such a nice change from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and go-gurts. :) Can you believe we've already been married two whole months? This little road trip of ours has made it feel like 5 years at least (just teasing, husband).

We only have three more hours left until we got to Boston (hurrah!!), so you better believe I'm sleeping in as long as I dang want to tomorrow.

departure: Erie, PA 10:00 a.m.
old churches: 29
times the wind almost blew wade off the road: 6
tolls paid: $30.60 (lame!)
odd colored houses (and to qualify as "odd" means hot pink, bright yellow, neon green, etc.): 11
puddles kali stepped in: 3
ferris wheels: 3
llamas: 29
longest train: 66
cheapest gas price: 3.79
weirdest town name: Lackawanna and Schenectady
arrival: Albany, New York 11:15 p.m.
Total miles traveled: 461

Also, I am wondering what exactly the staff here at Holiday Inn thought about Wade when he checked in. For some reason, when we got to our room, it said this on our door:


susette said...

Oh wow,the sepia toned pictures are gorgeous. You gotta teach me how to collage them together like that. It makes me laugh that you had that video camera and didn't take any movies of Niagra Falls for us all to see. Only that little ol' puddle that we could totally see here in Utah in any pothole on any corner of any street. But I did enjoy seeing my daughter. What a great day to see church sites. How I so want to see all of that someday! I am so pleased that you are almost to your final destination and still smiling. (you are smiling right?) I love you guys!!

susette said...

Oh, I forgot. Happy 2 month Anniversary.

ajsearle said...

I love reading all your adventures! Your drive sounds like so much fun! We miss you guys and can't believe we didn't get to say goodbye. We can't wait to come and visit you!!

jared and susan said...

I just thought you should know I have thouroughly (wow is that spelled right?) enjoyed your travel log.

LyndiLou said...

Oh Kali!!! I LOVE the picture of your room!!! Ha ha ha... handicapped, eh?!? You're sooo darn cute! :) OH... and I hope you don't mind me writing... I got your info from Jillian! It's fun knowing what you're up to!