day four

Waking up was a bit more pleasant today than days past. There was no driving today, just exploring Chicago. You see, four years ago to this day; a young man came home from his mission. That young man was me, and that mission was the Chicago North Mission. We spent the night last night, and the night tonight in one of my old areas. We left the truck, or beast as Kali calls it, and took the train into the city.Upon arriving, we purchased some Jamba Juices for breakfast and headed over to the Millenium Park where we watched children play in the water and get spit on by an older lady (see picture for proof).hi people. This is Kali. Your good narrator for the night keeps falling asleep as he is typing. So i guess it is left to me to finish, seeing as you're all in such dire suspense of the day's activities.
After the random spitting head fountains, we stopped by a large metallic jelly bean. Now what on earth is a large metallic jelly bean doing in a city like chicago? Well, I don't really have the answer to that. All I know is that it was cool. Really. It had the reflection of the city in it, and when you stood underneath, you could see like seven of yourself. Quite entertaining.

We also saw buckingham fountain, which i don't have much to say about. Definitely not as bizarre as the face fountain.
Chicago is home to the Magnificent Mile. And Magnificent it was. If only we had more time (and money) to wander the stores. The Forever 21 had two floors. I was so overwhelmed, but in such bliss. Wade said on the escalator up, "Aren't you glad I don't feel awkward in places like this?" Glad? Ecstatic.

Wade finally got his hot dog that he has been talking about ever since I met him. I'm not a big hot dog fan. In fact, they repulse me. So I just sat and watched him eat one. But...it did look really good. So I tried a bite. I am happy to report that I am a true fan of chicago hot dogs.

While we're on the subject of food, let's talk about the huge pizza we had for dinner. Wade could only eat two pieces. And that is saying something. Our waiter's name was German, and he was Italian. Huh? Anyway, he was nice.

As we were walking around the city, we saw signs for Wicked. We had no idea it was there, and so on a random whim, we decided to go see if there were any tickets left. We had balcony seats, but the show was amazing!! We loved it! It was such a cute twist of the wizard of oz. I found it to be quite clever really.

departure: Chicago, IL 10:00 a.m.
ingredients on Wade's hotdog: 6
drunk men on the train: 7
times we fell asleep on the train: 3
complete strangers that took our picture: 4
stinky smells: garbage, cigarette smoke, and the sewer
stops: almost every two blocks
arrival: Holiday Inn, 11:00 p.m.
total miles traveled: unfortunately, our feet don't have mile counters. (what are those called? I'd ask wade, but I don't want to wake him up)

I would like to end by quoting Wade's father in a text we got today regarding yesterday's adventure and Wade's test of patience:
"Wade you make a father proud. I would have driven the truck into the Mississippi"
ha ha ha ha ha.


Scott and Kristy said...

I am so jealous of you I want to go to Chicago and to Wicked, what a fun day.

Tina said...

I love hearing about all your travels and stops...Eric and I have some of the same exact pictures from when we've visited Nauvoo and Chicago...by the Mississippi river, by the Nauvoo temple, by that giant reflection jelly bean...oh the memories! I am SO jealous you guys got to go to Wicked though! SO fun!!

susette said...

Okay my dear Kali, confess!! How many articles of clothing or shoes did you purchase while on your little shopping excursion in Chicago? I will be very surprised if you got away with browsing only :) I'm so glad you got to see Wicked. The music is the greatest too! I can bring you the CD in October if you can wait that long.

Jill said...

OK. Can I just say this is by far my favorite post. Being a south Chicago missionary myself, I LOVE that city. Everything you listed in this post I love. Giordonos! The bean! Portillo's hotdogs! WICKED!! Millenium Park! How fun! I'm totally jealous! Glad Wade showed you true Chicago!

jen said...

Yay for Chicago Dogs! Props to Wade for getting you to eat something new. The closest we ever got was making you kiss that lobster. My dad's office is in Northbrook and I am PRAYING my parents move there next I love Chicago!

Ashley Rowbury said...

Honestly, I am so jealous that you saw Wicked! It is coming to SLC but the tickets are like 100$!!!!! I hope you liked it!!! And I have to say that the lady spitting water is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard of!