day five

We do not have much to report on this here day. (I'm learning how to talk like an ohioan) The biggest event happened this morning as I was organizing stuff in the front of the truck. I heard a loud crashing noise in the back where Wade was putting our luggage in. Apparently, he had tried to re-arrange a few things so we could stop killing our dear love fern. Well, my giant box full of scrapbooking stuff took a dive. Only my mother can understand the complete horror I felt as I came running around the corner to see thousands of brads, eyelets, and buttons scattered all over the gravel. I almost cried. And then I laughed my head off. Wade wanted to desert them. I, on the other hand, love my precious scrapbooking supplies. So I plopped myself on the ground and picked them all up, one by one. Needless to say, we got kind of a late start today. :)

Upon leaving Chicago, we were slapped in the face with another toll road. We had to pay a few a couple days earlier, but this is just getting ridiculous! Why on earth do we have to pay to use the freeway? Altogether, we paid four more toll roads between Chicago and Ohio, and we finally just got sick of seeing this:

so we took the long way, around cities like this:

We took a stop in Kirtland, Ohio. It was too late and dark by the time we got there to see anything, but we did find the Newel K. Whitney store and the Kirtland temple. It was rainy and wet, but I saw my first firefly there!

We are now staying in Pennsylvania, where my cute little brother is on his mission. Basically it makes me crazy that he's so close and I can't go see him.

departure: Chicago, IL 12:30 p.m.
dead possums: 1
total tolls paid: $14.75
weirdest town name: Sterrettania
pheasant feathers flying at us from the truck in front: 10,329
postcards written: 3
longest train: 42 cars
drop in temperature since yesterday: -20 degrees
phone calls home: 4
rainbows: 1
nights in a row wade has fallen asleep as we're writing this: 5
arrival: Erie, PA 11:30 p.m.
total miles traveled: 490


susette said...

Oh my heart skipped a beat as I read this and saw the scrapbook supplies all over the road. All that precious time to organize the stuff just wasted all over the road. My heart skipped a bigger beat and my stomach did a big ole flip when I saw the Pennsylvania sign and learned you were so close to Cooper? Seriously, why can't you just go see him???!!!! I'm sure there are exceptions to the rules. I can call the Mission Home tomorrow. You are a lot more strong than I would be if I was that close.

Scott and Kristy said...

Wow what a day I under stand about being so close to your brother and can't see him that happen to me when Wade was on his mission I was so close but couldn't see him. And Niki would die if it were her beads all over the road. I can't belive the tolls are 14.75 crazy!!! Hope today goes better for you.

susette said...

Oh, p.s. Could we get some more video please?

The Silvas said...

Well you guys have been on quite the sightseeing trip, sounds great! I hope I can do that sometime with Juan, just drive and see everything! Love ya!

jared and susan said...

Your almost there. You can do it!