It's not what you think it is. Really.

As many of you know, I've had a lame ache in the side of my abdomen for the last two months. Actually, while it has been thoroughly lame, I don't think lame is the right word. Let me see if I can better describe to you the pain I've been experiencing:
I thought I was going to die.
Wade and I are new at this being married thing, so we didn't exactly jump on the health insurance bandwagon as soon as we should have. So I avoided going to the doctor as long as possible. But when the pain just got to be too much, and I had completely psyched myself into thinking that something was going to explode inside of me, I made an appointment to see my doctor. Only, for some reason, good ol' doctor Johnson is gone, somewhere, til October (why can doctors do that?). So, I saw a new guy. We had a good chat about my symptoms...
a lot of pain.
every day.
in my left side.

He then proceeded to do what doctors do best, and poked around to see if he could find anything weird. He came to the conclusion that I have
So he tells me that he wants to run some blood tests and do an ultrasound and then leaves the room. And I'm left to ponder what on earth I have done to deserve gastritus. I'm thinking, "If anyone has gastritus, its Wade..." (sorry, husband) Also, I'm thinking, "How embarrassing for me to come to a doctor for GAS."

When the doctor comes back in the room, he can tell I'm in deep thought. He asks me what's bothering me and I tell him I'm confused by his diagnosis and asked him if I had some sort of severe gas. And he laughed his head off. Talk about some misunderstandings. Just in case you're wondering what Gastritus really is:

Gastritis usually develops when your stomach's protective layer becomes overwhelmed or damaged. A mucus-lined barrier protects the walls of your stomach from the acids that help digest your food. Weaknesses in the barrier allow your digestive juices to damage and inflame your stomach lining.

I have sores inside my poor little tummy. :( Basically, he said it's like cutting your leg open and pouring lemon juice on it. Ouch. And you would never believe what it comes from.
Go figure.

I have literally worried myself sick.

On a happier note, the above mentioned new doctor felt pity on my poor, unfortunate, poverty-stricken soul, and gave me my money back for the visit. AND did my blood tests for free. AND gave me a ton of medicine for free. All because I don't have insurance. There are still good people in this world (which I am often left questioning on a daily basis, due to the fact that I work at Winger's...but that's another story).


The Silvas said...

Oh you poor thing!! I hope that you feel better soon! Don't worry so much, you're a young and beautiful bride with so much to look forward to! (I just had to say that!) Love ya!!

Felt Family said...

Gastritus..wow that interesting. I was totally thinking the same thing about the gas..ha ha. Wow, but good for the Doctor, if anyone deserves an act of kindness..it's you guys!
Good luck with the gas...(smile) I hope you get feeling better.

Ash said...

oh you finally went! im so glad that the doctor helped you! i hope you're feeling better :) and i know what ya mean about wondering after working at wingers.. haha and you've probably seen worse then i have. love ya kali!

Shayna said...

I am sorry to hear that you have been in so much pain. Hope that you can figure it out soon. But glad to hear that there is still good people out there! That was awesome to read about your doctor! Good luck with everything!!!

Scott and Kristy said...

We are glad you are feeling better. That was so Nice of that Doctor, Wow there are still kind people in the world.

Tina said...

What an awesome doctor! i am so glad you found out what has been going on with your inners. And I'm glad it's not gas. We would of had to come up with a less embarrassing story if that was the case. Good luck! I hope everything work out! oh! and inform on how you get your cute background, again?

Kristine L. said...

Wow... that is so lucky that you got all of those things for free! Cause trust me, I know what it is like to not have insurance. Good thing we have been married for about five months and we just BARELY got it last week. What a pain. But I am glad that you are all better!... or getting there.

Tina said...

So, you don't know me, but my husband and I know Wade (from high school), and we saw him this last weekend up in Logan (for a little Skyview friend reunion...we were so sad that you weren't able to come!) We would have loved to meet you. But don't worry, Wade told me ALL about you, and said I could look at your blog...it's SO cute and you sound like such a fun girl! Wade is so lucky to have you...and you are so lucky to have Wade...a match made in heaven?! All your wedding pictures are AMAZING! They make me want to get married all over again, and hire YOUR photographer! Anyway, hope you guys have a great time in Boston and hopefully someday we can make it out to Boston and visit you guys!

Jill said...

I'm glad you went ot the doctor and hope it's getting better. Ps...I agree about the Wingers thing. I can't wait for Allen to get the heck outta there.