miles attacks the keyboard

i have introduced my child to online gaming,
courtesy of fisher-price.
his favorite is rainforest peekaboo.
all he has to do it push a button.
any button.
and he is in love.
the only problem is,
he is now a crazy person around the computer.
and thinks it's okay to pound the keyboard at any given time.
if you want to teach your child this skill,
go here:
(although i don't recommend this if you care very very much about your keyboard)

i've been so busy.
work has consumed me.
i've been so busy, in fact,
that yesterday i just realized i have only been shaving one armpit.

and so today,
i have a break.
and i am so very tired.
so miles and i are staying in our pajamas all day.
and i don't mind if he wants to attack the keyboard
because i sure as heck am not much entertainment.


Stevo and Annie said...

one arm pit..haha!!!

*LyndiLou* said...

I adore you Kali! :) We have a disconnected keyboard that we let Baby Chomp play with. She's not so into it now because she's TOTALLY figured out that it's not connected and would rather watch "ErnieBert" or Calliou on youtube.

You're welcome to the disconnected keyboard to use with Miles while he doesn't know the difference! ;)

Oh, and I'm glad to hear your business is going so well! :)

Felt Family said...

ha ha. I've totally done the one armpit thingy. Worse I realized I was only shaving part of my armpit and then..found quite a long patch near the bottom of my pit while looking in the mirror.

McKay L.O.V.E.S. the computer. He played those games and now he plays this curious george one. The other day he ripped the mouse from my hand and said he could do it by himself. well, little did i know he actually could.

gosh dang it! we got another computer nerd on our hands. Malcolm and McKay are good company for eachother as they are glued to their laptops. :)

gotta love it!