the desert

i'm down in arizona at a photography workshop for the weekend.

i stopped in st. george for a sleepover with the one and only viva
and we went to dinner at texas roadhouse,
followed by the classic run to walmart for an assortment of random items
including an air freshener for my new car. (yes!)
we picked smooth amber.
and quickly learned that it smelled quite awful.
awful, as in, horrible, cheap, rancid after shave.
then we went to maverik to get a new air freshener
to cover up the horrible smell and get a redbox (toy story 3. melt my heart)
while we sat in the car, assembling my new air freshener (hey, it was high tech, people)
a james franco look-a-like came up to the redbox in front of our car.
and i dared viva to give him the horrible, cheap, rancid after shave.
i mean, air freshener.
and she did.
and if things go my way, they will be engaged in six months.

then i drove through las vegas,
where a stop at h&m was a must.
and i wanted to buy the whole store,
but i also wanted my husband to be happy to see me when i go home.
so i settled for a 3 dollar headband and a 5 dollar pair of earrings
and went on my merry way,
until i was stopped by old navy and forced inside by the baby shoes.
these ones, to be exact:

then i made a stop at the hoover dam.
and basically the only reason i did that was because
of the movie madagascar.
and remember the penguins when they say,
"hoover dam! we're still in new york!"?
and also, i wasn't in a huge hurry to spend the entire day driving.
so i took my sweet time.
and it was cool.

and now i am spending 2 days cramming my brain full of photo info.
and it might explode.
k bye.

p.s. there are just wild pig things running around the neighborhoods here.
and i find it weird.
and i can't decide if i would rather have creepy crawly centipedes
or pigs.

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LL said...

this post made me laugh. You are hilarious. Enjoy your weekend!!!