the pumpkin patch

there is a pumpkin patch in vineyard.
yes that is a city. i think?
i used to go here every year when i was little.
and sometimes my elementary school would go on fieldtrips.
it was so fun to take my husband and baby.
and to make up for my lack of pictures lately-
here are a ka-jillion of miles.
he's growing so much!
he will be 1 in a week!
and we are going to celebrate like crazy!
and i know he won't remember,
but let's be honest,
we are actually just celebrating that we made it through one year with a child.
ha. jk. sort of.

p.s. dear jared and susan,
do those shoes on miles's feet look familiar?
thats because i stole them.
well technically, 
i didn't steal them, 
because i didn't know i still had them.
i found them in the bottom of a box.
(don't worry-
not next to the dead mouse i recently found.) 
i will be mailing them back to you
but only after miles outgrows them.
because they are just too darn cute.
ok? thanks!


Tina said...

Oh, your babe is the CUTEST! For real! He is absolutely adorable! I just love blonde-haired little boys!

ari said...

Very cute! Jen has fond memories of the vineyard pumpkin patch as well!

The Lang Family said...

I just love his eyes! Every time I see him it makes me smile! SO CUTE! And yes, like my mom said... I have very fond memories of that place too! That's where we took our kids this year... I couldn't think of going anywhere but the vineyard pumpkin patch.

the hopkins said...

Looove these pictures! So cute. And I think this is the same pumpkin patch I would have gone to growing up as well?? Can't quite tell though....
Anyway miles is getting so big! Holy cow, can't believe he'll be one. He's so so cute! I love his blonde hair.