my little baby is not so little anymore.
today is his first birthday.
he's all grown up and it makes me a little sad.
but i'm also excited because he is getting more fun every day!

happy birthday miles!

we had a big bash over the weekend.
and miles got to eat his very own cake.
pictures coming soon!


Scott and Kristy said...

Happy Birthday, you bring so much joy into our lives...

paige and jord said...

i cant believe he's ONE!!! thats insane. but a dang cute one year old he is.. thats for sure. happy birthday miles!!

The Lang Family said...

I can't believe it! He is so stinking cute! Happy birthday little guy!

Jacki said...

he is such a cute 1 year old Kali. i bet he is just so much fun. i LOVE this age.
Happy Birthday Miles!

Launi said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby MILES!!

The Rowburys said...

How fast time flies! Happy Birthday Miles!