the truth

I didn't want any of you to come away from my diet coke post thinking Wade is perfect and all is fine and dandy.  That wouldn't be painting an accurate picture of our lives.  You see...4 weeks ago, before we ever went on vacation, Wade took lunch to his internship in a tupperware.  It stayed in his backpack the ENTIRE TIME we were gone.  When we got back, he realized this as he was leaving to school, and tossed it in the kitchen sink.
Later that day, I was washing the dishes (yes...still by hand. boo.)

I opened it and almost died.

the smell literally almost knocked me over.  I turned the water on full blast and poured a gallon of dishsoap in it, all the while not breathing, and ran to the living room to recover.
I have never smelled something so bad in my entire life.  The tupperware stayed in the sink, soaking in bleach water, the rest of the day.  And Wade got to clean it when he got home.
Why the heck didn't I just throw the stupid thing away? 
I don't know the answer to that...
maybe the fumes killed some brain cells. 

**giveaway update**
p.s. you can start entering the giveaway tomorrow! I will title all the entry posts just as #1, #2, etc.  Also, I wanted to let you know that you can relate to my facts in any random way possible. for example, if I said, "my favorite color is brown." you could say, "my favorite color is pink!" or "i had a dog once that was brown" or even just "i hate brown." get it?
are you overwhelmed by doing it on your own blog and posting 28 days in a row? maybe do it once or twice a week.  
the more, the merrier! :)


McKenna said...

This may be lame because I am probably saying this months and months after you have changed your look but I love your new layout! Super cute. The yellow is so adoreable, and I love the fonts you used. Where did you get them?

LyndiLou said...

Oh MAN that's gross... you should've just thrown it away! BLECK, so gross!