there's nothing quite as scary...

as looking out the window and seeing a path leading to your back door.
and it just snowed.
so you know they aren't your footprints.
and you know they aren't your husband's.
and then you spend the entire day creeping around and listening for strange sounds.
because you're convinced there is someone in your house.
everything makes you jump.
and you half expect to walk into the other room and find your child kidnapped.

and then your husband comes home and goes outside to check it out.
and comes inside laughing and says,
"it's just dog footprints."


Jake & Erin said...

It's amazing how things change when there's a baby involved! Glad everything's ok... :)

ari said...

Kali, I just thought you might be interested in this blog that Mallory, Brians wife, participates in. It is called www.photohuntchallenges.com
Each month you take pics of the things the lady tells you to and then she chooses her favorites and posts them on this blog. It's just something fun to do if you are in to photography. Your photos would be an asset to this blog. I really did not like most of what I saw, except the ones that Mal did. So, check it out. "Mal" is where you can find my daughter-in-laws photos. Just thought you might enjoy.
Arlene P.S. LOVED the dog footprint story!!!

Lisa said...

happened to me too.... meter reader *chagrin*