2009 in condensed form

what a very long and hard year...
that being said, we have so much to be grateful for.  and despite all the hard times, we are still happy and loving life together.  Here is a review of our past year:
my best friend Jenn came to visit here in Boston and spent about two weeks running around the city with me.  It was absolutely freezing, so we spent a lot of time eating. We went to the New England Aquarium, The Museum of Science, walked the Freedom Trail, climbed the to the to of the Bunker Hill Monument and watched endless hours of the office. It also included a trip to the emergency room when I almost sliced my finger off opening a bag of pancake mix with a very large knife.

was complete with a trip to the temple and who could forget... it was the month we found out we were pregnant!  I was feeling icky.  I teased Wade that maybe I was pregnant.  But really, I was just teasing.  I came home from work to find a pregnancy test sitting on the counter.  I took it to humor Wade.  I thought maybe I would lie to him and tell him it was positive.  Only...when I told him it was positive, I wasn't lying.
We went to Newport, RI with Wade's parents and saw the mansions and walked along the ocean.  It was rainy and foggy and beautiful.  We had a lot of fun taking a break, watching movies, and hanging out.  Sadly, what I remember most is sitting on the bathroom floor and hovering over the toilet. :)
Apriland May were apparently uneventful, seeing as I have no recollection of them.

is the month I went home to Utah and who even knows what I was thinking for leaving Wade that long.  We were both very lonely and sad without each other.  But I got to spend lots of time with my family and be at the airport to see my cute little brother Cooper come home from his mission in Pennsylvania.  Wade got to come out for a few days to see his sister Niki get married.  It's also the month we found out we were having a BOY! We celebrated Wade's 26th birthday and also our 1 year anniversary with a surprise trip to New York City.
We celebrated the 4th of July on the Charles River and watched an amazing fireworks show.  We went to a Red Sox game.  We explored the local beaches, saw the Tall Ships, and watched my belly get bigger.  We also flew to Washington DC to see some old friends and see the sites.

was a big month for us, in that we spent weeks preparing for our move.  We left our apartment in the North End, which was downtown and very busy, noisy, and crowded and moved into one in the South End, which is quiet and more residential.  It has been a completely different way of living and we now enjoy having a washer and dryer, a car, and...NO RENT!

We spent most of the month getting settled into our new place and preparing for our new baby.  We took one last trip to Maine and New Hampshire to see lighthouses and the beautiful beaches on the east coast.  And yes, at 8 months pregnant, I camped. I'm very proud.
This is the month our baby was expected.  The days seemed to get slower and slower as I got bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable.  We went to Walden Pond to see the Fall leaves.  The highlight of the month was having my parents come out to visit and keep me occupied while we continued to wait for the baby.  We took lots of walks, did the Freedom Trail, ate my mom's yummy food, and trick-or-treated with our nephew Jack.  I also skipped a step going down the stairs and managed to put a big hole in the wall... how lucky that my daddy is a professional at fixing things.

FINALLY! Our little baby Miles was born 8 days late and 2 hours before my parents had to fly away back to Utah.  I'm so very happy they got to be here.  It was so important to me for him to meet his grandparents.  This month was spent mostly recovering and getting used to our new lives.  Wade's mom Kristy came out for a couple weeks and was so helpful.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at Jared and Susan's.


We hung out a lot together and stayed inside where it was warm.  Miles started smiling. We found out Miles is allergic to dairy and had an absolutely fabulous time figuring that out (psh!).  I also managed to leave the Christmas present I spent 2 months making for Wade's parents on the top of our car.  It was not a pretty sight when I found it 45 minutes later. We had our first Christmas with all 3 of us together.  We spent the day talking to family on the phone and playing with our new toys (band hero!). New Year's Eve was spent at Jared and Susan's apartment playing band hero, eating lots of bad food, and making fun of Jennifer Lopez's outfit on TV.

goodbye 2009!


Jenn said...

AW!! I loved the recap and am honored that I made the highlight reel :) P.s. all of your pictures are amazing as always

Anonymous said...

I loved the year in review idea. Sooooo fun to read and smile and laugh. What a year you have had indeed! We feel so blessed you are in our family and look so forward to the day you'll be closer with that cute little guy of yours. Happy New Year. We love you the whole world.

LyndiLou said...

Oh my GOSH that SMILE!!! I can't believe that he's smiling that big and he's that little and MAN that's cute!!! *:D* What a big year! It's only going to get better!