let's chat giveaway

winters are blah. let me just put that out there.
i'm cooped up inside.
i feel that i need some fun in my life.
so i have this idea...

everyday for the month of february, I will post something random about myself.
Some may be long stories, some small facts, funny or sad or boring. 
I'm putting myself out there.
wanna join?
make a comment on any of my posts with one of YOUR random facts that somehow relates to mine.
I'll enter you in a drawing for every comment you make.
Yes, that means you could be entered 28 times.
(if you are clever enough to find something we have in common every single day)
I'll draw the winner on March 1st and then send you a package of love from Boston, filled with some of my favorite things.
and I'm really awesome...so you know my favorite things will be pretty cool as well. :) 
(a treat, some homemade cards, a boston t-shirt, a mix of my favorite songs...it's in the works)
who seriously doesn't like to get mail?  
so come play!
I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

and don't you worry faithful blog readers! I will continue my regular blog posts as well...in case you fear missing anything exciting in my life.

P.S. how fun would it be if you hosted the same giveaway on your blog too? we would have a whole blog-o-sphere of random, somehow related facts floating around. and more packages for everyone!  feel free to copy and paste this post to your blog with a link to mine.  
be sure to let me know you're doing it, and I'll post a link to yours in my sidebar.
be excited, people.


Rebecca H (ya know from H.S. HaHaHa) said...

Kali you are just too cute! You have such fun creative ideas! I wish I could have seen you when you were here. Miles is beyond handsome! I love him and I have yet to meet the little guy! I hope you are doing well,let me know if you need anything!

LL said...

I look forward to reading all your facts!I will participate by commenting if I can relate, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't come up with 28 exciting facts for my own blog. :)
Looking forward to it!

*juli* said...

This is such a cute idea!! I'm totally stealing this and doing it, too! I hope I win a fun package from Boston! Oh don't worry, I will figure out some way to make our random facts be in common.

LyndiLou said...

Oh KALI... I just love it!!! I think that might just be the INSPIRATION I need to start updating my blog again! ;) I don't know though... maybe I'll have to make my blog private so that I don't share too much with strangers! ;) Ha ha ha... I'll get back to you on that! :)

Launi said...

What a great idea! We'll love all the random facts. Maybe I can figure out how to do something like this on mine too. You, my dear, are one clever cookie!

Jillian said...

An inspirational idea my friend. I think that will definitely help me as well. Thanks!

brittany barney said...

yay im excited. can i join even though i am new? loves!