it doesn't take much

Miles has decided that he would like to wake up every 1.5-2 hours to eat. every. single. night.
thats right. my nights go like this:

bed at 10:00pm
wake up at 12:00am
back to bed at 12:30am
wake up at 2:00am
back to bed at 2:30am
wake up at 3:00am
back to bed at 3:30am
wake up at 5:30am (yes...my longest stretch of sleep. wahoo!)
back to bed at 6:00am
wake up at 7:30am

no i dont think you are stupid. i am fully aware that you can probably figure out when every two hours is...
i just felt that maybe if i wrote out, you could maybe understand the seriousness of this problem.
i feel like a zombie.
i would try to sleep train him, really i would.  but the poor kid is starving.  the stupid formula we have to give him for his milk allergy does not keep him full.  I begged the doctor to let me put rice cereal in his bottle to keep him full and she said his tummy probably hasn't healed yet after all he's been through and he might be allergic to rice cereal as well, so he has to wait longer than most babies to have it. aaaaahhh sad day. anyway, like i was saying...
i feel like a zombie.
and honestly, it doesn't make me the most pleasant person to be around.  and when wade comes home from a long day at school at 10:00pm and finds me frazzled and and annoyingly whiney, it probably isn't his favorite thing to be asked to run to the grocery store for something i forgot.  but he goes anyway.  and this is what i found sitting on the counter when he got back:

i know. he's a gem isn't he?
(i think secretly he just wants me to have some caffeine in my life so maybe i'm not such a grouch.
love the spongebob card.
and in case you are wondering why he signed himself "comfy husby" - did you see those gap commercials with the little girls cheering and they say, "i love my comfy sweater! i love my comfy sweater!" well, lately i have just inserted "husby" or "miles" in place of the sweater and sing it.
a lot.
i'm not annoying at all.

p.s. don't hate that i have discovered picnik.com and probably enjoy the 1960's effect on my pictures way too much. I can't promise i will stop anytime soon.


Scott and Kristy said...

I wish I could be there to help, hang in there!

Tina said...

That Wade is SO sweet! I love it! And good luck with the no sleep thing...not looking forward to that!? Yikes!? But I think you're on the right track with the caffeine! :)

susette said...

Oh goodness that is definitely a rough schedule happening there. Sleep deprivation is the worst. I guess it's good you don't have to head out to an 8 hour job each day right?? Try to sleep in the day when he does my dear and good luck! It does get better down the road.

Whitney said...

I'm so sorry you're not getting any sleep at night :(. And that is no fun that you can't add rice cereal or anything! I hope he starts sleeping longer for you, he should be able to eat more and stay fuller longer soon!