last month, we went whale watching. we hopped on a gigantic boat from a wharf in downtown boston and drove (boated?) far, far, far away from the city and into the middle of the scary, gigantic ocean. and suddenly, there were gigantic animals, known as humpback whales, diving in and out of the water. and i was amazed by the following things:

1. their gigantic-ness


2. the water shooting out of their blow holes

3. and just mostly their gigantic-ness.

(i feel that i must take credit for this picture. i'm that proud of it.)

oh, and our hair...after a very speedy and windy ride...

i know. it's awesome.

p.s. i promise not to use gigantic as a descriptive word anymore.

i think i've out used it for the next year.


Jenn said...

Love the new blog!! It's super cute. And that picture is WAY cool. I don't blame you for taking credit.

The Hopkins said...

Oh this looks so cool! How fun, and those pictures are awesome.
Isn't it funny how you feel your belly can't get any bigger?!... and then it just keeps growing still haha. You're due so soon, hang in there those last couple weeks are ROUGH. The reward is wonderful though :)

Scott and Kristy said...

Love Wade's hair, but most of all that whale tail is wonderful, very cool