remember that time I had a centipede crawl across my stomach?
well I'm sure you didn't think much of it.
I'm sure you thought I was being ridiculous.
I'm sure you thought it was not a big deal.
but I am here to tell you that it was very much a big deal.
also, I would like to show you exactly what it was that so lovingly graced my presence that unforgettable night:

have you ever seen such a thing?
I don't even know if you can even call it a centipede.
call it what you will...
I am being haunted by them daily.
yes. this is a picture of OUR COUCH.
but that is not the only place they exist.
they have also been known to show up in the kitchen sink (which gives me great pleasure because I can then drown them.)
and the bathtub (where they can also be drowned)
and the walls
and the doors
and the carpet
but the good news is they don't make me cry anymore. obviously....
because instead of crying about this one, i took a picture.
it was all for the sake of the blog.
nevertheless, it is proof that I am making progress in my bug freak out episodes.
but this does not mean "centipedes" is not at the top of my list titled: "what i will not miss about massachusetts"


Jenn said...

That thing is SICK! There would be a definite freak out if I saw one of those near me.

mother goose said...

hi kali, i popped over from your mama's blog because she is very worried that her gbaby will be nameless, a baby with a face but no name! I have solved your delemma, me and my cool self.
Kade. Named after you and wade.

genious, I know!....your welcome! I happen to love the name kade. It was going to be my suggestion to you before I read your names and the 4 letter thing.

Two Little Mittons said...

Oh my gosh that is the most disgusting, horrifying thing I have ever seen! Don't blame you one bit for freaking out.

LyndiLou said...

HOLY crap that's nasty!!! It's lots bigger than I thought it was when you were talking about it! GROSS! I'm glad that you are alive and well... and I hope that those centipeds are NOT!

susette said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmm......................Excuse me??????????????? How am I supposed to come visit and sleep on an air mattress knowing these things might be crawling around my body and face? I think I might be freaking out more than you!! Seriously, I am not liking that thing at all. You must get rid of all bug infestastions at once!

Ms. Berg said...

oh my gosh, i was only almost crying while reading this. i found it that hilarious, which, i usually find your posts that hilarious. come back to me.

LL said...

I am SOOO glad your mom posted a link you your blog. You are adorable!!!
The bug, NOT so adorable. Sorry about that.

Felt Family said...

that is positively the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! I would definitely be the one freaking out crying screaming, yelping, dying! if I saw one of those.

jared and susan said...

you never told me about these. Disgusting. Now I definetly don't want to take your place there next year. YUCKKKKKKK!!!!!! I want you to know that I am feeling really sorry for you right noow.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That is the nastiest, sickest, haunt-all-your-nightmares thing I've ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!