baby shower

my cute ward gave me a baby shower. i love them a lot.

these are the cute presents, party favors and my diaper cake:
baby shower

they sewed cute little shapes onto onesies:

we ate really yummy fall food...like cider and caramel apples. and I was taught many things by the experienced mothers in my ward, some of them quite graphic and disgusting. :) My favorite part of the night was when I opened a box of nursing pads and a girl yelled out, "WHAT are those??" I think she got even more of an education than I did that night. Mothers put their bodies through a lot... (I'm saying this and I haven't even delivered yet?)
thanks to ashley and adrienne for putting on such a fun party!
i also must add that my cute mother-in-law, kristy and my 2nd cousin, cherri gave me showers in utah which were also so great! i just forgot to take pictures... :(
thanks guys!

we feel so blessed and loved! Our little boy is all stocked up on anything he might need. We've been given so many great things and I just can't even wait to use them!


LL said...

all stocked up on anything he might need INCLUDING two skirts :)
Can't wait to hear of his arrival!!!!
btw. LOVED your camera story, so cool!

The Searle Family said...

looks like a fun shower! You have so many young girls in your ward, looks so fun. I love the cute onsies with the shapes on them, they are adorable:)

Ms. Berg said...

oh my gosh that's so nice of them! wow!

LyndiLou said...

Happy Baby Shower!!! *:D* Looks like you had SOOO much fun! I just love it! You should email me your address so I can send you something for your little baby!!!