acadia national park

our next stop in maine was acadia national park. we camped. yes. 8 months pregnant and i camped. camped...but did not sleep. and this was even MY style of camping. you know the kind where you drive up on a paved road, park your car, and pitch your tent by a fire pit and a picnic table? the kind with flushing toilets and running water? wade is not a fan. wade would rather put everything he needs in a backpack and hike 20 miles into the middle of nowhere. (one time, he took me to an REI and started showing me backpacks and hiking boots. I was like, "those are lovely honey, but you already have that stuff." and then he told me that it was for me. ME. I laughed. and that might have been mean, but it really was quite funny. I am not a backpacker.)


we went on some beautiful (and short) hikes to the beach and to the top of a "mountain" that was more like a hill... i think these people are deprived and don't know what a real mountain is. but i have never seen such an amazing coastline and i absolutely fell in love with maine.


we made tin foil dinners and smores that night. The next morning, i PAID $3 for a shower. it was a beautiful thing. it was the shortest shower of my life. and wade thought i was crazy. (and I thought the lady in the stall next to me was crazy...she was singing, LOUDLY. also, I sneezed and she said, "bless you." and I just feel that showers should not be a public thing and I found it odd. but i guess thats what i get for showering while camping.)


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