that i really did it.
and i didn't even gag.
i actually liked it.
does this mean i am growing up?


Tina said...

If that is zucchini, you know you don't have to eat it. I have shivers down my spine just thinking of it! :) Cucumbers - good. Zucchini - bad.

Jenn said...

It means that baby fish is messing with you taste buds :)

LyndiLou said...

At first I thought those were lemons! :P I'm kind of a dork!!! I was sitting here thinking... why is she eating lemons... and why is she so proud of herself for eating them?!?

Wow. I should go to bed! :)

Kristine L. said...

Ok, I am the SAME way! I used to hate tomatoes and zucchini... now I crave both of them! But you can't go wrong with anything cooked in butter and garlic... which is exactly how I cook my zucchini.