although the title of this post may lead you to believe that i am indeed talking about the weather, i will tell you now that I am not.
it would be fitting, seeing as it has RAINED every single day since I have been back from utah,
but that is another post for another time.

a couple months back, we found ourselves in financial ruin. and by financial ruin, i mean that our money was quickly running out. and I felt that it was all my fault for feeling that morning sickness all day was reason to not work. and I had a nervous breakdown and cried for a long time. basically, wade's school informed us that there was no loan money left for summer tuition (which is what we rely on these days...) we realized that come July, we would be starving and on the streets.

during this catastrophic event of our lives, we had a sunday school lesson on tithing. and a couple in our ward raised their hands to tell us how their loan money ran out for the summer (hmmm....sounds familiar?) and they needed 14,000 dollars for tuition and rent, etc. Somehow, someway, they were able to come up with the money and make ends meet. Well, i must have been feeling rather cynical, because I thought, "wow great for them. but psh. like 14,000 dollars is just going to come raining from the sky."

well, a couple weeks later, we were informed about an apartment that is FREE to live in, you just have to cook and clean for the owners. And guess what. We got it. and if you figure that our rent is 1600 dollars and times that by 12 months (it's simple math, folks), it saves us exactly 19,200 dollars. and when I told my friend tiff, who was sitting next to me at church when i said the above mentioned cynical comment, about our new apartment deal...she said, "yeah kali, like 14,000 dollars is going to come raining from the sky..." and we got a good laugh.

and lucky for us, its not 14,000 dollars. It's 19,200.
i hope money rains on you too.


LyndiLou said...

Oh Kali... that gives me happy chills for you! Good for you for being a beautiful trusting faithful couple... and letting Heavenly Father bless you like that! :)

Scott and Kristy said...

Very cool how Heavenly Father helps us, all we need to do is trust him

Love said...

I love hearing stories like that, because they always give our faith a little boost. My mom has always been the biggest example of this for me. That is so great that you were blessed this way! I hope you had a good anniversary!

Tina said...

I love rain

Felt Family said...

:) good for you guys!! Isn't it the greatest blessing being a member of the church. We are super lucky!