a trip down memory lane.

viva and i tend to be quite sentimental. When we learned that we would just so happen to be in Utah at the same time, we planned a trip back to our roots: Logan.

The road trip, for us, is half the fun. Of course we brought our Chex Mix (courtesy of the kitchen of viva) and our best music (courtesy of my vast library).

Our first stop was Firehouse. The meeting place for the love of my life and I. Also, our favorite place to eat out and probably the best restaurant in Logan. I worked here for six short months and it completely changed my life.

We then continued on to First Dam where we spent many days studying and playing. We brought along a bag of bread that we bought just for the occasion. Apparently, there's not much to do in Logan besides feed the ducks, because everyone in the city was there doing the same exact thing. Needless to say, those ducks wanted nothing to do with our bread. They were already full.

We then moved on to bigger and better things. All the apartments we ever lived in. Our dorms were even open and we wandered inside and looked at our old rooms. It was absolutely SO WEIRD! And I can't believe how disgusting they are. I remember the days of leaking roofs, and scurrying noises in the heater vents. Oh, and the time we caught a bag of popcorn on fire in the microwave and took the entire microwave outside because it smelled so bad. And then the poor Egyptian man that lived above us came down the stairs, sniffing wildly, and said, "Izzz some-zing byurning?"

(notice the dumpster that I backed into during moving week)

Here we are at Brentwood. One time we painted a very LARGE entertainment center in the kitchen that we got for a steal of a deal at DI (I should mention that I tried to paint it outside, but it got too dark. So then I plugged in a blow dryer to an extension cord and tried to dry it myself so we could move it inside. disaster). I've heard rumors that it is still lingering in the apartment.

we met up with some old friends (whom we tried to convince, as always, that they were not annoyed to see us).

And no sentimental trip would be complete without a stop at our dearly beloved Walmart and a drive by good old Utah State University.


Jenn said...

Haha I love it! I would have to say that it was the hilight of my trip to Utah :)

Doran & Jody said...

Did you honk when you drove by my place?

Lauren Rawlings said...

I still live here....and I can't wait to leave!

LyndiLou said...

I haven't been to much of Logan, but I like what I've seen! The Gossner Cheese factory and the Pepperidge Farms cookie outlet! yUUUm!!! Looks like you had a fun trip!!! I love roadtrips!