old friends

I had the pleasure of meeting up with these lovely ladies for lunch today. We go waaaay back....all the way to 5th grade where we all became the best of friends.

Rebecca Joyce Kali Kelly
Kelly is now going on a mission to Brazil.
Joyce just graduated from college.
Rebecca is teaching dance.
and me, well i'm larger than life and pregnant.
It seems like so much has changed...and yet, here we are 13 years later, and not really that much has changed at all.

and in case you were wondering what we looked like at the age of 13, I present to you my birthday party at Sounds Easy Pizza. Remember that place?


Felt Family said...

Oh my, I haven't seen Joyce for ages. Cute Picture! (pictures I guess...I almost forgot you were a blonde most of your life!)

Tina said...

I can't get over how blonde you were. One of these days, we should take you back. Just to see what happens. Just kidding. We thought about that already. You never know though, you won't be in Boston forever.

LyndiLou said...

Oh Kali!!! :) I'm sooo glad you posted that! It's fun to see you guess growing up!!! It's sooo fun that Kelly is going on a mission and that you're going to be a Mom soon!!! Rebecca is teaching dance?!? Good for her! I don't know Joyce, but I do know it takes some dedication to graduate from college!!! Sooo good for you guys! Good friends are sooo amazing!

Jenn said...

That is so funny to see those two pictures together! And yes, I remember Sounds Easy Pizza. My family loved that place!!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh fun times for you!! Yeah

joyce said...

gross eww im so weirded out! why in the name of all that is good did you post that old picture???haha you are too much Kali