a review of our first month

We've experienced a few interesting and life threatening things...

the first being the time I almost blew up our apartment. I'm new at the whole gas stove operation. Wade has explained to me many times that I need to always make sure I turn the knob off when I am finished, because gas is still spewing out. Well, somehow as I was doing my wifely duties of cooking dinner, the fire burned out while I had it on low. I just assumed it was off. We ate dinner and then went on a search for a Sears to buy a new vacuum bag. We were gone for maybe 2 hours. When we came home, you can only imagine what our apartment smelled like. Yes...gas. We quickly opened all the windows and turned on the fans. While I was in the other room calling my parents and panicing, Wade did the one thing he wasn't supposed to do, and turned the gas off (which has to bypass the spark before reaching off). We're lucky this place didn't explode.

one day, as we were walking in an unfamiliar part of town, we heard a very loud and obnoxious siren from somewhere up above. Not only did it scare the heck out of us, we also thought that the world was under attack. Seriously, I thought it was the end. Well, it just so happened to be that the ground was just splitting in front of us and raising so a boat could pass through. A BOAT, people. Boats just randomly sail through the roads at their own free will. I can't say that siren won't scare me anymore, but at least I will know that the world is not caving in on us.

We took a journey out to the middle of nowhere on Friday, to the Boston Temple. We quickly learned that being car-less is kind of a problem. We took a taxi from the train station...and then we didn't have enough cash left to get back when we were done with our session. So we bummed a ride from a cute couple, who comes down from New Hampshire twice a month to work in the temple, back to the train station. phew.

After we got off the train from going to the temple we were, of course, dressed in our church clothes. This seemed to attract some unwanted attention. A scary guy stopped and stared at us on the street with an evil look in his eyes and then started walking with Wade, who was behind me. He said, "Hey don't I know you?" Wade was confused and said, "No dude, I don't think so." Then came the reply, "Yeah. You go to Harvard don't you?" Coming from a guy who CLEARLY didn't go to Harvard, Wade realized that this man was giving him a hard time about being dressed like he was and was quite upset about his status in life. We are grateful that nothing else happened and that we were able to get home safely. I was worried that we were going to get robbed. Then I realized that we own nothing worth any value and all he would have gotten was an empty wallet. ha ha.

The most exciting part of our week was a cute package we received in the mail from Miss Jennifer Banks. Oh, how we love her.
After hearing about our lack of grocery stores, she mailed us all our favorite goodies, including rainbow chip cake and frosting, mashed potatoes, cereal, popcorn, brownies, spanish rice and jello.

Inside was a card that was so cute and hilarious, so I'm including what she wrote:

Dear Kali (and Wade of course),

I'm so glad that you made it to Boston safe and that all is well! I absolutely love reading your blog and talking to you and hearing about all of your adventures. I am sorry you have a bug infested apartment and that you don't even have a real grocery store near you. I promise you I no longer take my Walmart runs for granted (I bet you don't hate Walmart as much now, do you Wade? :)) Anyway, since you can't go shopping for real, I just wanted to send you some treats to brighten your day and say I love you and miss you. I can't wait to come and see everything I have heard about. It sounds like so much fun. Good luck with school and finding a job and everything else going on in your lives. I pray for you constantly and hope you will let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you! Love you tons, Jenn

P.S. Please kill all the bugs before I come.

It definitely gave us a much needed boost. I'm so grateful for her thoughtfulness and friendship. Viva! I love you! and I miss you so much!


Marci said...

Hey guys, just wanted to say hi. I went to high school with Wade and came across your blog. Boston sounds amazing and very different from Utah. What a fun adventure. I hope its ok if we keep in touch.

Marci Marshall McCune

susette said...

Oh that Viva is so cute!! What a lucky girl you are to have such a great friend. I noticed that you shared a story that you forgot to tell me. Maybe you just don't want your mama to worry too much about the scary things that happen so far away from home. I'm glad you have Wade to protect you and keep you happy and safe. I love you guys so much and can't wait to see you soon!!! oh, p.s. I can help kill bugs if you need me to :)

Scott and Kristy said...

What a Adventure you guys have every day. Enjoy it

LyndiLou said...

OH Kali!!! I'm glad that you guys are still alive and well and HAPPY!!! :) I know I say it EVERY time... but you are SOOO darn cute! I appreciate being able to share your life with you through your blog!!! It makes me want to figure out mine! ;) Make sure to let us know if you need another care package... we want you to be ok out there! ;) Love ya!

The Silvas said...

Oh, it sounds like you're doing just fine! I'm glad you like it out there, I wish I could come and see you sometime and you could show me around, that would be fun! Maybe after the baby is born! Love you guys!!