official declaration

I have become a city girl. How can I so boldly declare such a thing? Well, today I successfully found my way from the doctor's office (more blood sucking...), to TJ Maxx (I desperately need a pea coat), to the Boston Public Library (I can't wait to start borrowing books!), to the UPS store (fingerprinting for my new job), to the grocery store, and then carried everything home, switching from the Orange Line, to the Red Line, to the Green Line...
all by myself.
without even getting lost!
i know, i know. amazing.

Such newfound success has put me in a good mood, motivating me to tell you that today I am so grateful for...

ikea couches
smart doctors
getting a new job
my grandma
(who calls me on a regular basis to check up on me)
fall weather
space heaters
(due to the fall weather...)

Stay tuned. I have much to catch up on. My mom came to visit this past weekend and I saw more in this city than I've seen since the entire time we've lived here. It was fun to have her and her friend Annaleesa here, and we're so glad they could come! We miss them already! We're already counting down the days until Wade's parents come...six to go. We can't wait!


LyndiLou said...

Ohhh!!! You ARE turning into a city girl!!! Good for you! How awesome that you are sooo brave and productive! Way to go! ;)

Ashley Rowbury said...

I just have to say that you are amazing! Honestly I really look up to you! Brandon is starting to apply for jobs and it looks like we aren't going to live in an area where we have family. I am scared out of my mind, but reading your blog about moving to Boston has really helped me! If you can do it, I can do it! Kali, you are amazing!

McKenna said...

Yay! That is one of the best feelings when you're indipendant in a BIG city. I think you are doing better than I am doing. I don't think I could ever get that much done in one day, with or without getting lost.

susette said...

Good job sweetie finding your way around. I was pretty impressed already with how it all seemed like a piece of cake to you. I was pretty grateful for that little space heater of yours too. Poor Wade was dying of heat and wondering why the apartment was so hot when the thermostat was turned down, and there I had that cute little heater going right by my toes in the corner behind the table where he couldn't see cuz I was a-freezing. I bet with the colder weather you are using it a lot more now huh? Love YA

paige and jord said...

kali, i now, more than ever, have the upmost respect for you. i HATE big cities.. and im so proud of you for being a city girl. make the small-town, happy-valley, girls proud kali. make em proud!