my husband is funny.

I came home from work today to find the apartment empty and "Napoleon Dynamite" playing in the DVD player. Apparently Wade had gotten bored while I was gone. I texted him and said,
"So...Napoleon Dynamite huh?"
and he answered,
"I was missing home."
ha ha ha.

Also, I have been quite discouraged with my new job this past week. For some reason, my co-workers find it extremely odd that I don't drink or smoke and that I'm MARRIED. I mean really, who gets MARRIED at your age? (direct quote) Anyway, it sometimes seems like they are ganging up on me and I find myself surrounded by people asking questions about mormons. It's not so much them ganging up on me as them being so absolutely confused and amazed by the way we live. But that is beside the point. This post is about my funny husband. So as I was complaining, he told me that this is a good missionary opportunity because I have that "glow." And I said,
"Why would anyone care about my glow when they think I'm insane?"
and he said,
"Pretty soon they will start to realize that the two go hand-in-hand.
The glow comes from being insane."

I sure love him. :)


JaiJai Jillian said...

Love that picture Kali! And way to go for being insane... I mean LDS :) It's definitely worth it~

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

That's funny! And I think you will get used to it and be OK with being different=) We are a peculiar people!! Maybe conference will give you a lift!

McKenna said...

I get the same thing. 'Your're married? I thought you were 18.' And I am sure that they are wowed by the fact that I didn't even get pregnant in order to get married at 20.

Well I am sure that soon, your colleages will find that even though you're married young, and that you don't drink, you are a whole lot happier than they are.

Matt and Jessica said...

hey sorry your co-workers aren't tons of fun. im sure if you just be yourself they will be cool eventually. :) so what is your job anyway? oh and i love farmers markets and that one looks like
a winner. take care. hey wade!!!

The Mecham Clan said...

You two are so cute! It's crazy how people think the way we live is weird because it seems so normal here. We will hopefully hear some great missionary experiences from you!

LyndiLou said...

You know... I think that they are probably just AMAZED by you... and really they should be. You're great!!! :) It seems like sometimes when people are jealous or surprised... it comes across as crtical and judgemental!!! You just keep being awesome!!! I agree with your other friend that Concerence will be a nice boost for you!!! Love you lots and keep it crazy! ;)

Grandma Mary said...

Hi Kali,I am John's (Tina's husband)MOM. I grew up in San Francisco and was some what use to those types of comments. Before I was married and then a little bit after I was married, I worked for a large bank at night. My co-workers were always watching me, and making comments, the one I remember the most was after I was married and they commented on the line that they could see through my pants just above my knee and wanted to know what it was. I know now that all these things were for my good but then I just felt picked on. My best growth in the church was in Berkeley, Ca while my husband was going to school. The sisters at the ward loved the college couples and I learned so much from them. After all of your experiences there in Boston, you will look back on it as maybe one of the best times of your married life. P.S. I love all of your pictures of Boston.