My run this morning

For some particular reason I felt like getting out of our comfy warm bed and go run. Weird, but I did. Nothing too exciting happened, I just had to watch out for the yellow ones, (they don't stop). I did however, find a shortcut to the Boston Commons Park.
The Park was beautiful, the leaves haven't turned yet, but it is cool outside, any way the funniest thing happened. I don't expect you to understand unless you have a close, personal connection with Seinfeld.

As I rounded a corner there was a flock of about thirty or so pigeons.
Automatically I thought of George and how they didn't move out of his way. Honestly, I kinda hoped for this. As expected the pigeons did fly, but not until they were under my feet.
So, there I was in a beautiful park, and it seemed as though in slow motion all of these birds were gracefully flapping around me.
It was beautiful.
And then I saw the flattened rat in the middle of an intersection. Oh well. So much for that.
School is going well, I miss USU.
Over and out


susette said...

I'm very confused by what a yellow one is. Could you fill us in?

Kali said...

it's from the movie elf. He get's hit by a taxi and later it says "watch out for the yellow ones. They don't stop." got it?

susette said...

Oh!!! Makes complete sense now. You gotta watch out for those tricky movie lines that I can never remember. Maybe it's because I fall asleep in most every movie I watch.

The Searle Family said...

oh Kali we miss you guys! How is Boston? Have you found a job yet? Is Wade's school so busy? Well we hope you are doing great!!!