I feel as if we have dropped off the face of the planet. Moving across the country will do that to you, I guess. Or...not having the internet. Which I blame for our many wanderings around the city clueless as to where we are going. Don't worry, the comcast man is making an appearance in our apartment on Monday. So while you wait for pictures (which you can't have now, because I'm at the library at Wade's school), here are a few things that make life hard for poor Kali in Boston:

*there are sick, gross, disgusting, large and nasty, creepy crawling things that live in our apartment (don't let that deter you from coming to visit. Wade was a pest control man in his previous life. They will soon be gone.)
*we have hardwood floors, and my feet hurt every day just from walking around the apartment
*milk is 4.79 a gallon
*we have no grocery store, just small "convenient stores" with few items
*our church is an hour away by train, then we hop on a bus, then we walk four blocks. thats far.
*I miss having Walmart on every corner.
*I miss having a car
*I'm scared of the crazy crack-head who screams at everyone on the train

Here are a few things that make life for Wade hard:
*he recently had to carry a microwave on a train and a bus and then walk through downtown with it.
*the next day, he carried shelves on the same route.
(it really is a funny site, but I'm only laughing because I'm not the one that had to do it)
*he has to kill all the gross bugs when he hears shrieking from the next room
*he has to shower 4 times a day because the humidity gets the best of him

But really, we are having so much fun. It's so cool to walk out of our apartment and be in the North End of Boston. It's called Little Italy, so we get to hear little old grandma and grandpas speaking with cute accents and smell italian food all day. We live right by the harbor and we're right in downtown. Also, the old north church is in our backyard. It's so different from Utah life, and there's still a lot to get used to. But how exciting to experience something like this!


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

Sounds like it would be fun to visit! I hope the bugs go away soon. Just look forward to winter, they are definately gone by then! :)

Jill said...

Seriously Kali!...I'm jealous!

Felt Family said...

wow...it sounds fun and adventurous! I'm a little jealous. Good luck with the bugs (gross) but I'm glad you have Wade there to kill them.

The Searle Family said...

Kali!! That is so awesome!! I can't wait to come and visit. I am sorry about the gross bugs though. Love and miss you!!

The Bischoff's said...

You made it! It is alot to take in- I know! That is really nice that you are right downtown though! Life is definitely different out here! If you need anything call or email me! 603-882-1028 lucky0276@gmail.com

Cindy said...

Wade & Kali,
I am so happy for you both! Your love for eachother will grow so strong being so far away because you only have each other to depend on. This deffinantly sounds like it will be a struggle and fun at the same time. This really makes me want to visit you. Good luck getting used to EVERYTHING!! Love ya! Cindy

LyndiLou said...

Kali... I just can't get over how darn cute you are!!! :) And I just laughed when you talked about the bugs because I've heard that very scream of yours in reaction to bugs and mice at camp. I didn't realize how well I got to know you in some ways at good old Shalom! Good luck with everything and make sure to tell us if you need anything while you're away! :)

Matt and Jessica said...

Hey guys!! I am so glad you made it and sorry about the bugs and humidity wade. Your blog is super funny and really cute. Thanks a lot for dogging us on the ol' BBQ, but it's all good. :) i'm glad i have a way to check up on you. good luck in ma and school. take care. jess

McKenna said...

Congratulations on your Marriage!
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one moving across the country after getting married. Life on the other side of Utah gets better I promise. Give yourself a year, or even less, and you'll know all the ins and outs of Boston, and be completely used to city life. It will quickly become your home-sweet-home.

I can totally relate to the 'moving of very inconvenient items on the train' experiance. A harmless 'accessories only' trip to Ikea without a car is impossible. Josef (my hub) carried our rolled up bed-mattress on the train, with me of course laughing the entire time.