farmer's market

every weekend, there is a farmer's market downtown. Just as we were getting so down in the dumps about grocery store prices, this little produce festival lifted our spirits right up. its just so darn cheap!! and so fun to watch all the crazy, busy people shouting and bagging up fruits and vegetables. we're making it a weekly outing for sure.

we got corn, watermelon, bananas, asparagus, potatoes, nectarines, onions, garlic, and carrots...all for only ten bucks!


LyndiLou said...

WOW!!! You get the super shopper award!!! Did you want to pick me up a couple of things while you're there! ;) It'll probably be cheaper, even after shipping it out here! :P I'm glad you found something happy!

susette said...

Yeah, my daughter gets to eat healthy food. I'm so happy for you honey.