one time i used to blog.

i used to be a good blogger.
and then i got pregnant. and had a baby. and that baby goes by the name of "harper" and she's almost a year old. so really, my blogging habits are pathetic. another thing that is pathetic? my memory. seriously. i think it got worse with each child. anyway. i'm determined to be better at this. because i have to force myself to write things down. and also, i'm pretty sure you need to see harper more often, because really? her chub kills me. and so do her smiles that take up her entire face.

i'll play catch up later. but for now here's our saturday a couple weekends ago.
we grabbed subways. and a giant smarties at the gas station for miles. and we drove to tibble fork and sat in the back of our car and looked at the reservoir while we ate. and miles can't be near water without getting in it, no matter how cold it is. so we went down and played until we saw some massive rain clouds on a mission. i'm not kidding you, they rushed over the mountains faster than i've ever seen a cloud move. so my smart husband said we should probably get back to the car. and we got there just in time to get dumped on. and also, we got out of american fork canyon right before 2 mudslides blocked the road. that husband of mine. he's got good timing.


susette said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm so happy you are posting again. I missed your blogging, and your fun way with writing. You are a natural and need to keep this up. Your kids will thank you for it later too when they want to know stories about them when they were little.

Jodie Banks said...

Love you, love your blog, love seeing pictures of your cute family!

mckenna woolley said...

Yay!!! I've missed your blog!! I've started to get into it again too. I miss the blogging days. Keep it coming! :)