diaper malfunction.

i remember my life and events in two parts: the time before motherhood, and the time after motherhood. motherhood is awesome. life before motherhood, was, well... easy. seriously what was i even doing before i had kids? like did i have 8 spare hours a day to just do, nothing? these kids of mine. they keep my on my toes. and some mornings, like today, start with a diet coke at 8:00 in the morning. and then i hear miles from the other room saying "harper pooped on my rug!" and i don't even know how or why, but yes indeed, she had pooped on his rug. i blame huggies for diaper malfunction. life before motherhood never required that i had to clean up poop. ever. let alone try to keep two little humans alive.

they are lucky they are cute.

{our drive up provo canyon yesterday.}

p.s. fall is here!
and also, that binky is harper's life.
one more thing, i taught miles all of his posing skills.

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mckenna woolley said...

Too funny! It's true.. what did we do with all of that time?! Love this!

Also. What program do you use to create your diptych images?