little mr. miles is becoming more opinionated these days. he tells me exactly what he wants and when he doesn't get it....well, let's just say he gets to sit in the corner a couple times a day.  but you wouldn't believe me, looking at these pictures right? :)  today i said, "miles, did you go poo-poo?" and he answered, "no. i not poo-poo"  and then i told him we were going bye-bye and he said, "no. i not bye-bye." and he pointed at the door for me to leave him and his legos alone. ok then.

p.s. i feel like my tailbone is permanently crushing my hip bone. ok, i don't really know how to explain it, but let's just say my butt is going numb and its working its way down my leg. is this normal?! oh pregnancy, how i love thee.


Tina said...

Miles and Sully sound like two peas in a pod. We spent time on the stairs multiple times a day as well! :)

Jenn said...

At least he's an independent little guy. That may come in handy when #2 comes along! I hope you're having a blast in California. I'll look for you at Disneyland :)

paige and jord said...

Your pics are amazing as always... I hope you're having a blast in Disneyland! And what you may be experiencing with the pain could be sciatica. If you are into chiropractors I would get it checked, or ask your doctor. I just know it can be very painful and I would do anything to get it massaged or 'worked' out. I dunno.. Worth a shot.