blog lovin'

one of the main reasons i stopped blogging and reading blogs is all google's fault. seriously. they just killed google reader. and didn't even care that they were hurting my feelings and stopping me from stalking everyone i know. and people i don't know. and now all my blogs are gone and i don't know how to find you people. anyway, i've discovered a new creation. and probably i am way behind the times. but i'm just so happy! it's called blog lovin'. and they even have an app! so its like, put my baby in bed, chill on the couch, pull up the app, and read some blogs. only, i only have like 5 blogs to follow. which is probably good right now, considering i should probably, you know, get stuff done. anyway, if you want to follow me with my new discovery, click here -------> Follow my blog with Bloglovin and also, if we are friends? can you give me your blog address again? ok fine, even if we aren't friends, but you're pretty fun to stalk, you can too.


Tina and Eric said...

You blog was always one of my favs to stalk, so I'm really glad your back! And I'm super glad you introduced me to bloglovin...I've had the app for all of five minutes and it's already changed my life!? :)

Jenn said...

I have kind of given up on the blog world as well. However I will gladly come back to read your blog!! I am horrible at posting but I will text you my blog address if you would like it :)