st. george weekend

my mom wanted to run the half marathon in st. george a couple weeks ago, so we decided to go along for a little getaway.  i've been doing my own running training to get read for the utah valley half marathon in june, so i ran my first 5k while we were down there! i think i did it in 33 minutes, which i know is kind of slow. but, considering the most i ran before this was 12 minutes without stopping, i was pretty happy with my time.  i was half expecting to walk most of it. (because seriously people, these shin splints are killing me. i'm getting a little nervous because i've heard some people take 3 months to heal! hello! i can't train without running for three months.)  we had such a fun time with my family and i'm sure they just loved waking up to miles bright and early! bahaha.

we left a little earlier than the rest of the gang, so our weekend began at the hotel with a little carl's jr., some lion king, and some jumping on the bed.

the next morning we woke up to rain (yes, in st. george. booo.) and here i am all finished with my race and still able to jump?! i have no excuse for the way i am standing like a weirdo, but it's probably because i'm freezing and soaking wet.

we layed around all day and napped and then went out to miniature golf at this place with black lights, so it was basically glow in the dark and super fun.  then we played some arcade games, which i haven't done in years. after that, we all went out for mexican food. yum!

we left the next day, but not without stopping to see one of our favorite bostonite friends who just finished school in boston and moved to st. george a little while back.  so happy we got to visit for a little bit and reminisce about the good old boston days. :)


LL said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! Running. You look awesome and so happy. Almost makes me want to run.

The Lang Family said...

Good job! I NEVER could do that!

meditative music said...

Wow! I wish i was there.

susette said...

Kali dear, I really would like a copy of my jumping picture, pretty please.