mr. miles at 26 months

in his grandpa sweater that is hilarious and adorable at the same time.

in other news:
**i got my wisdom tooth removed on tuesday. feeling pretty good, but wade says thats just the pain killers talking. and speaking of pain killers and talking, apparently when i woke up, i had some interesting things to say. and i may have told all the receptionists and nurses at the front desk on my way out how much i liked them and how nice they were, at the same time, throwing a fit that i was being pushed in a wheelchair. also? i wanted my tooth back, so i could give it to miles.
**we are going to st. george this weekend for a fun little getaway with my family. my mom is running a half marathon and i will be running a 5k. i gotta start somewhere right? but i'm fairly certain i will be walking my first 5k because my shin splints are about to ruin me.
**did i mention i am shooting a wedding on the beach in cancun next month? i am entirely excited/freaked out/nervous/excited again. because a) i've never been there and i'm terrified of the unknown and b) what if someone steals my camera? i will cry myself to sleep for at least 3 years straight until i can afford to buy another one. and c) i hate leaving my baby. not that he won't be in good hands, because his grandma poulsen will be taking great care of him, but i will just miss him too much. and he probably won't even notice i'm gone. which is a good thing i guess.


susette said...

You also didn't share the part about having two tongues like the forks of a snakes tongue. Also, how you kept calling Miles Little boy and hollering at him "Hey little boy, come here!" And how you thought he would be just fine if you left him in his crib while we went to st. george with a few diapers and some cheese and snacks. YES, YES, You were definitely a little loopy.

Kayleigh said...

I'm so excited for how your photography business is going! It sounds amazing. Good job!!

The Lang Family said...

Sounds like you were very loopy. I like it! I am so jealous that you get to go to cancun and do that shoot!

Mal said...

Haha, loved your mom's comments as well. Just leave him in the crib he'll be fine :). I have to get mine out as well and I am dreading doing it. And holy crap you get to go to Cancun to shoot a wedding! That is so awesome, I could only dream of doing that!