eggs, the flu & tv.

----you know how i work til midnight or later? and i'm like pretty much always tired?  well sometimes i fall asleep during morning cartoons. stop judging me. one lucky morning last week, miles found his way into the fridge and i was awoken by egg yoke running down my shirt.  at first i thought it was orange juice from his sippy, but sadly, i was wrong. i fumbled for my glasses and found death and destruction all over the living room. he broke an entire carton of eggs, one by one, all over the rug, coffee table, couch and floor.  you would think that would have woken me up right? proof i need more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's in my life.
----we've had a yucky flu bug around here this past week. lame. i'm a terrible wife, but i weirdly like it when wade is sick because he gets to stay home with me.  oh how i love when wade stays home.
----i watched hgtv's "my first place" this weekend, and it just so happened to be in boston. and the girl was looking in the south end, which is where we used to live. oh don't worry, her budget was $700,000 for a 2 BEDROOM apartment. and it still wasn't enough, so she had to borrow MORE from her parents, making the total cost over 900,000 dollars. um yeah. we are never moving back there are we?
----i also watched like 3 episodes of kourtney and kim take new york (yucky flu bug = lots of tv...) and i think kourtney and scott are hilarious.  i feel like everyone hates the kardashians! am i the only one that is ridiculously entertained by them?
----if you follow my photography on facebook, you know that i recently got all set up to do studio photography! hurrah!  i'm doing a special right now until the end of february, so sign up quick! you can read more about it here.


Tina said...

That egg story is horrifying!? But I am a fellow Kardashian lover...I'm glad I have good company in that guilty pleasure!! And Cancun was awesome...and I always felt completely safe, even when we accidentally ended up in the ghettos of Cancun...you have absolutely nothing to worry about! You're going to love it!

Two Little Mittons said...

I too am a Kardashian fan. Watch every episode of every show they have. So entertaining! My husband hates it. But I think he secretly finds them entertaining too.

The Lang Family said...

I think Kortney and Scott are hilarious too! They are my favorites! Glad to know I'm not the only person that watches the show and actually likes the Kadashians