we don't do scary.

it has become apparent in the poulsen household that we don't do scary.  wade and i just fast forwarded through an entire movie because we couldn't handle it.  how is it that it has taken me three years to learn this about my husband?  here i am, trying to be brave, and he keeps saying, "we don't have to watch this if you don't want to..." and then i finally realize he's saying it because HE doesn't want to.  and i can't figure out what's better.  having a husband that equally hates scary movies so that i never have to watch them? or having a husband that is BRAVE?  i'm kidding. wade is brave.  i have seen him charge out of bed with a giant metal flashlight at the sound of someone at our door in the middle of the night in boston.  or go running up the stairs of a 5 story house when the alarm goes off, not knowing if there is a burglar in the house (also in boston).  so basically, i think i am glad that i have a brave husband and an equally scary movie hater husband.

i will just stick with the cute parts of the coming scary holiday.  you know, the parts where you dress your kid up in ridiculously hilarious costumes and put them on parade for all the neighbors.  and then eat their candy.

(these are our pumpkins from the lovely halloween dinner bash my mom threw tonight. i said i wanted nothing to do with carving the pumpkins (seeing how it's gross and squishy) and somehow i ended up pulling the guts out of 2 and then carving them BOTH.  tell me how that happens, cooper fisher?  in all fairness...i forgot how fun it can be and i mostly just couldn't stop myself.)

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