gardner village

a couple of girls from work and i decided to go to gardner village for the day to have lunch and see the witches they have on display.  i have never been to gardner village before, so it was fun to walk around and go into all the shops.  i might just have to go back to buy a few things!  after we were done at gardner village, we stopped at this adorable little fruit stand, which also happened to be by an antique store called 'home again'. i bought a really old telephone (don't judge.) and a turquoise mason jar.  basically, it was the best fall autumn day ever and i wish it would last 3 months instead of 2 weeks.

also, remember how miles is scared of everything?  it's getting really old.  really fast.  because, i've been so excited for him to grow up and see new things and it's sort of a bummer when everything we take him to just makes him scared and mad.  so i'm crossing my fingers he outgrows this soon.  and in the meantime, i'm trying not to force him to do things he doesn't want to and hoping that he gets curious on his own.

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The Risenmays said...

Fun! I love Gardner village. That sassy babies shop...it is just too much for me. I want to spend all of my money there :) Weird question but, where did you get those super cute boots? I have been looking for a nice pair of brown ones and I love yours.