toilet paper confetti

i can't let this little boy out of my sight for 2 seconds.
i came down the hallway to find this:

 and then, this:
that is a boy on a mission.  he is clearly off to find his next destructive activity, while i am cleaning the previous one. and that is basically our schedule every day.


McKenna Ehat-Åkebrand said...

can I just say: I love your wood floors! Oh my. Any that little mischief maker is adorable.

LL said...

I won't tell you to enjoy it because they grow so fast...
I never appreciated those words, I was certain that stage would last forever.
I'm just glad you're capturing the fun little stages. I love the determination in the last photo....he certainly is on a mission. I love it!

susette said...

Those little legs are just too too cute and I want to squish them and tickle them!