miles's latest and greatest adventure involved a bottle of baby lotion while his momma was in the shower.  he came to me all wet and i thought maybe he had spilled water or something on himself.  nope.  just a bottle of lotion.  all over him and all over the living room. oh and all over daddy's xbox controller.  that was pretty awesome.

and if you're sick of these posts about the messes miles makes (say that 10 times fast), then stop reading my blog... because i hear it only gets worse.


The Rowburys said...

don't you just love the things they get into when you're in the shower! makes for quick showers, huh? :)

susette said...

Oh but he looks so innocent just sitting there nicely. Maybe it was a little fairy that came in and did it.

ari said...

That's what little boys are made of!