one time i saw kobe bryant

at disneyland.
and i chased him down like the paparazzi.
we were walking miles around while he napped.
we took a pathway to the side to avoid some crowds.
we saw a lot of disneyland workers casually walking in groups.
and then i saw a tall, black man with sunglasses and a hood.
and i would recognize that face anywhere because my brother is obsessed with him.
(me, on the other hand... not a huge fan.)
BUT he is famous.
so i whispered to wade, "that's kobe bryant! give me the camera!"
and i went chasing after him.
and wade says i blew his cover.
because i started taking a million pictures of him.
and then the other people around realized who it was.
i followed him over to the "it's a small world" ride.
and watched him jump in front of the entire line.
and ride in his very own boat.
and i waited at the end of the ride.
well some stupid security guard told me to stop taking pictures.
and shoved his hand in front of my camera.
and that ticked me off more than anything.
so i yelled at him.
me. kali poulsen. the non-confrontational, obey all authority, kali poulsen.
yelled at a security guard.
and wade thought i was going to get kicked out of disneyland,
the happiest place on earth.
and the moral of the story is:
i could never be paparazzi.
its just too much pressure.
(that, and its hard to take pictures when someones HAND is in front of your lens.)
here is my crappy proof:


Julianne said...

it's like they don't expect to be spotted when they have 850 layers of clothes on with 3 hoods and huge face covering sun glasses. hahaha! good work!

LL said...

I do NOT like him....and he certainly doesn't look like he's just trying to "blend in"
Nice job on the photo shoot ;-)

Jenn said...

Haha good story. Being famous would be horrible.

The Lang Family said...

That's awesome! Good eye on finding him!! I'd like to know what you actually said to that guy! haha

Jeff & Kayci said...

Funniest thing ever: I saw him get on the SAME RIDE when we were there nearly 4 years ago....crazy! You make me laugh:)

p.s. not a fan either