{holga. north end. may 2010}

sometimes my heart hurts for boston.
and sometimes we kick ourselves for ever leaving.
and sometimes i just kick wade (but it has nothing to do with boston, or leaving.)
maybe i will just always want what i can't have.
because probably if we ever move back there, i will just want to be here.
imagine living inside my brain. its rough up there, people.


ellen said...

I won't ever be able to leave Boston. I'm a New Englander now!

LL said...

Cuz right now, if I had the chance, I'd leave. Humidity is my enemy.
Remember, we have a guest bedroom, you are welcome anytime.

paige and jord said...

i totally understand how that is. except logan wasn't as far as boston. but i kinda understand ;) such a cool picture though!!