wade's birthday

I'm a little behind the times...but I've just had to much to jabber about. So here's Wade's birthday, about a month too late.

wade's birthday-new york

I made tin foil dinners (in the oven, of course. it's the city, ok?) and we ate them at the park overlooking the city. Then we came back to the apartment and had cake and ice cream with some friends. Wade was feeling a little sickly, so instead of blowing his germs all over the cake, he blew out his candles by waving his arms like a lunatic. But it worked nicely. I gave him the board game "Ticket to Ride", which we became addicted to while we were living with Jared and Susan last summer.
(and now we can play all the time when they move here!! J&S...you're so excited right?)
You should also know that while I waited for him to come home from school all day, I made a happy birthday sign, which sadly, never got photographed. Just know that it had a lot of staples, and ribbon, and the room smelled mostly of permanent marker when I was done.

To end, I would like to say:
I love my husband.
I love his birthday.
I love his parents for making him born.


LyndiLou said...

You are sooo totally cute! :) I think that waving your arms like a looney should be a new tradition for you family!?! ;) Could be great! :)

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday to Wade! That cake I must say looks yummy... (cake has been the one thing that has constantly just sounded amazing my whole pregnancy) I'm staring at it with my mouth watering, ha!