i bet you've been wondering where i've been.
well.  i went to mexico to shoot a wedding.
i'm not still in mexico. (although sometimes i wish i was)
but when i came home from mexico, i found out i was pregnant...
(which is why my brother and sister-in-law so lovingly call our unborn child "baby pedro")
anyway, then the morning sickness kicked in like a week later (more like 24/7 sickness)
and i disappeared to my bedroom to hibernate for 17 weeks.

and now i'm finally feeling better. finally.
well...mostly better.
there was the one day this week where wade found me laying on the bathroom floor convinced i was dying.
but i didn't die. i'm still alive and well.

because yesterday i decided to do a half marathon that i signed up for back in december.
um...hello. i couldn't bring myself to waste the 60 dollar registration fee.
only, i didn't train for it. i was too busy hibernating remember?
so i walked the entire thing.
and my legs feel like...well, there are no words for what my legs feel like.
i'm just surprised i didn't go into labor.

there is no news in our lives except that i am now 19 weeks pregnant
and the dr. that did my ultrasound couldn't determine the gender.
his exact quote was, "it could go either way."  really? ya think?
also, miles is jibber jabbering away and thinks we should name the baby "hadley"
after his best friend/cousin. (hope you don't mind, aunt tina!)
we are taking him to disneyland soon and praying that he doesn't hate it.
because remember? my child hates fun.

now enjoy some cancun pictures.
and pray that someday the US of A decides to make their diet coke just like the mexicans.
(because really, it is SO much better)


susette said...

I never saw these pictures. They are so gorgeous! Good job dear. Also, I really hope you share more about your awesome half marathon. That needs a post all in itself.

Tina said...

I can't beleive you did a half after being so sick...you are amazing!? And I am SO glad you are back...I love your blogs! And congrats on baby #2...but I can't believe the dr. couldn't figure out the gender?! That would suck!

Makenzie said...

yay congrats on baby! How exciting :)))