total cheese.

***i just have to say thank you to the amazing people i have in my life.  so many cards and emails and phone calls and texts about my miscarriage. and so many people going through the same thing. it helps to know i'm not in it alone.  i'm so grateful for your concern and support.  i truly have the best friends anyone could ask for and i can't thank you enough for making me feel so loved!***

i love the first picture so much because it is totally miles right now.
so cheesy.
whenever he wants to stay up late or get our attention, he will grab us with both hands on our face and start cheesing it up like this.
it cracks me up.
he's such a ham.

p.s. don't judge his disastrous room.  it is in the need of a serious make-over.  we haven't done anything with it since we moved in except paint and store our old stuff in it (aren't we awful?).  it's taking me forever to choose a bed and a chair!  i really want a fabric recliner/rocker and i can't find the right one anywhere.  suggestions please!

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susette said...

He totally cracks me up! I love, love, love this little dude with all my grandmotherly heart