discovery gateway

wade had veteran's day off, so we decided to go to lunch and take miles to discovery gateway at the gateway mall.  unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea and the place was a madhouse.  miles still had fun even though there were a kajillion kids running all over the place.  there were a lot of fun things for him to run around and play with.  he almost couldn't make up his mind and just kept running from one place to the next.  i want to take him back again when there are less people. who's up for a playdate?! :)


paige and jord said...

i could look at your pictures all day kali, they're freakin awesome! ;)
and ps. miles birthday party was to die for. i cant imagine the time you spent on all the stuff- well worth it. it was adorable!
ps. i've been thinking about you the last few days, i hope you are doing better. xo

Tina said...

That place looks amazing!?! I definitely need to make a trip down there with Sullivan!