temple square

we went to temple square to see the lights with our friends maddie and jtyler. 
(who are engaged to get married in february! woohoo! we are half contemplating going to their wedding in SAN DIEGO...who wants to babysit?!)
miles liked the nativity scene, but after that, he was done. he freaked out because his hands were freezing.
but he refused to wear his hat or his gloves. (remember how i said he hates fun?)
so we only stayed for like 15 minutes and then left.
as we were wrestling miles all night, maddie asked us if wade and i ever get to hold hands anymore. 
and wade and i both laughed.
hold hands?
what's that?
but you know what?  i'm sort of okay with it.  its just a new part of life. and if miles is the reason we don't hold hands anymore, then its worth the trade off.  and when we are old and retired, we will have plenty of time to hold hands right? 

wade sportin' his new hat his parents brought back from peru.

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Kayleigh said...

Your pictures look so great! And so do you! Question--do you use a flash when you shoot like this outdoors? We went to temple square too and my pics don't look near as good as yours and I'm handicapped with a flash so I don't use one. Love how yours look!