on the map

do you use google maps?
i find them to be oh, so helpful.
especially when i lived in boston.
we googled everything.
if ever get the urge to type
1129 beacon st., brookline ma 02446
into google maps
and then click street view,
you will stumble upon this awesome display:

and there you will find jared, wade, susan and i
working hard (or hardly working)
on the day jared and susan moved to boston.
that would be their moving truck.
and that would be me, doing some awesome supervising
(i was six months pregnant)
the google car just happened to drive by
with their big ol' camera.
and jared waved.
i love that he is waving.
and when he called at 1 am to tell us we were famous on google maps,
i laughed for ten minutes.
so worth being woken up for.


Tina Fraidenburg said...

LOVE IT!! That's just classic.

Jillian said...

Did the car have Google's name on it? That's so fun!

miriam said...

That's so cool! Aren't you glad you helped them move now?

McKenna said...

that's the coolest thing EVER.

The Lang Family said...

haha! I love that. You are so famous!