i am on camera crack.

just try to stop me.
i'm addicted.
make sure you go check out my photography blog
because i'm looking for models. YOU.
and i'm also booking sessions for the most epic easter mini sessions you've ever heard of in your life.
and if i sound a little out of control for 1:28 in the a.m., its because i just got home from work and i'm all hyped up on diet coke and my mind is racing with a million new photo session ideas and i can't wait for those dreamy summer evenings when the lighting is just right.  so hurry up! get over to my photo blog, NOW!  and don't forget to tell everyone you know about it.  and even people you don't know. and if you do, well, i will spoil you with cadbury mini eggs and maybe even a discount.

and maybe someday, when i get enough motivation, i will blog about our christmas in california and the time i stalked kobe bryant like the paparazzi.

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Mame said...

Kali! I am in town the next weekend!!! :o( And I even have matching outfits for all of us. Well at least themed. Yup, I am that mom. but only for Easter. Oh well. I love reading your stuff!!