our week

was spent like this:

throwing up.
sinus infections.
1 ER visit.
1 dr. visit.
2 prescriptions filled.

and i think we are finally all starting to feel better around here.
although i can't quite be sure because miles is either still feeling yucky,
or has a serious case of the terrible two's,
starting a little too early for my liking.
he honestly has learned to throw a tantrum
by flopping himself on the floor and just laying there.
also, today he got mad and shoved a cup of juice out of my arms and all over my white shirt.
it was awesome.
it was also in public.
we are thinking of having his name permanently changed to grumpy pants.


Anonymous said...

Grumpy pants can come live here until he's happy pants if you'd like, except he's always happy pants here at grandma's house.

Brittany said...

i had the same thing you had at the same time! i think you gave it to me. thanks. haha and poor little grumpy pants i hope he is all better!